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When searching for a new home be sure to inquire about the energy source. Options include coal, electric and natural gas. Natural gas produces about 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, about 30% less than oil, and about 15% less than wood.   

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Convenience- Natural Gas is available even when the power is out.   It is delivered via underground pipes so your energy source is safe and reliable.  Unlike other energy sources you are not responsible for calling for refills. 
  • Domestic- 98% of natural gas in the U.S comes from North America
  • Affordable- SCE&G estimates an annual savings of $600.
  • Cooking-  When given a choice, chefs prefer cooking on natural gas because of its instant on and off capability combined with an infinite number of temperate settings per E.S.C. 

  To calculate how much you could save with natural gas click here click here!
Posted by Lisa Gabriel on October 17th, 2017 3:47 PM